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Hand Tools are basic traditional tools or equipment used to carry out mainly manual tasks which don’t necessarily require an engine as these tasks are powered by hands. They are basic manual equipment used for carrying out involuntary tasks which require less to moderate force Also, they help you to perform strenuous day to day jobs easily. These tools are of immense use to mend various things around the house or in your workshop. Be it for construction purposes or for fixing a car breakdown, hand tools can always find use in both - the most basic tasks and the more specific tasks, alike. The hand tool that will best suit your job depends on the task at hand. Hand Tools are generally less hazardous than automatic appliances, or power tools and are predominantly used in households and workplaces alike.

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 Hand tools perform a diverse range of functions – namely, wrenching, crimping, cutting, hammering et al. Wrenches are used to fasten nuts and bolts by applying torque. Allen wrenches are a sub-type of wrenches used to fasten screws with hexagonal depressions; allen keys  are L-shaped wrenches with hexagon-shaped cross sectional area that can adjust inside the hexagonal depressions of hex nuts in order to turn them. Choose from some of the best brands selling wrenches and allen keys online such as Taparia, Ambika, Mas Master, Stanley, JK Files and Multitec–to name a few. Whether you’re are a DIY (do-it-yourself) home enthusiast or a professional carpenter, you will need a fully loaded arsenal of hand tools to fulfil your tasks.

Other important hand tools include screwdrivers, woodworking tools, rubber mallets, cutters, pliers, hammers, glue guns, punches,clamping tools,riveters, etc. Screwdrivers are used extensively to loosen and tighten screws. Rubber mallets are used in cases when the user needs to deliver soft blows without leaving any impression on the workpiece. They are an indispensable part of a carpenter’s toolkit. Pliers are primarily used to firmly hold objects in place; besides that, they also serve the purpose of bending and compressing materials. A crimping tool, such as the Dowells crimping tool, connects two items by tightly compressing them together. Glue guns are widely used in woodwork, packaging and craftwork. Buy screwdrivers from Pye, Eastman, Venus or Decora; rubber mallets from Stanley, Bharat Tools, Sagar Tools and Venus; cutters from Ego, JE Tech Tool, Taparia and Pye; pliers from Knipex, Blue Point, Magadh, Baum and Vacado; hammers from Ambika, Pye, JE Tech Tool, Taparia and glue guns from Metabo, Mario and JE Tech Tool. Punches are rigid rods made up of metal, having a uniquely-shaped tip at one of its ends. They can be classified as auto center punches, prick punches and pin punches. Non Sparking tools are tools designed specifically for use in environments vulnerable to fires, blasts, etc because they are composed of non-ferrous materials which do not produce any sparks whatsoever when put to use, preventing fire related hazards. Brands that produce non sparking tools are Taparia, Ambika and NISU. Center punches are used to make large depressions in metals in order to prevent a drill from straying; prick punches are used to create reference marks on the metal surfaces – these punches are lighter in weight than center punches. Pin punches pick and separate metal pins from holes. Taparia, Stanley, Bharat Tools, Sagar Tools, JTC and Focus are some of the brands that sell a wide variety of punches online.

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