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Cutting is the process of removing portions of workpieces by using an array of deformation techniques. Cutters are tools that make this cutting possible. End mills, for instance, are milling cutters used extensively across a wide variety of milling applications.  A majority of industrial tasks unanimously require cutting in manifold and various manners – whether it is cutting an object axially or cutting it in any other direction. Cutting tools may be classified as either single-point tools or multipoint tools; the former category of tools are used to turn and shape workpieces and remove portions by using only a single edge for cutting while the latter using at least two edges for cutting – examples being drills and broaches.

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A plethora of tooling and cutting equipment is available on the Industrybuying platform – from dies which are tools used in manufacturing processes to shape and cut different materials; hole saws, also called hole cutters by many, which have saw blades that are shaped like a circular ring and are used in applications that require holes to be created in objects being worked on, without having to tear its base material; taps which are used to thread the lengths of holes either manually or by use of machines; reamers which are used to either increase the size of pre-existing holes by using a technique known as precision reaming or remove unwanted protrusions by using the technique of non-precision reaming and ratchet pipe threaders which are used to create helical thread along the lengths of pipes very easily to cutting wheels which are attached to equipments such as angle grinders to equip them with cutting capabilities.

Specifically, taps can be classified as hand taps, machines taps, long shank taps and pipe taps. Hand taps are used to create threads towards the bottom ends of blind holes, to create threads on the upper ends of blind holes, both, manually or by employing a machine for the task. They are also used with through holes. Machine taps, as the name suggests, are used to create threads with the help of machines and, hence, do not need as much power as do hand taps. Pipe taps provide ease of work in crammed up areas. Dies may be circular split dies, crimping dies, ground thread dies or round dies and  drills may be carbide dream drills, centre drills, diamond core drills, masonry drills, NC spotting drills, parallel shank drills, shell drills, solid carbide jobber drills, solid carbide stub drills or taper shank drills.

Industrybuying has made shopping for tooling and cutting equipments very easy by bringing on board a wide variety of cutting tools for you to choose from. Industrybuying has collaborated with names to reckon with when it comes to producing cutting tools of high quality. A few of them are J F Tools, Pacific Engineering, Bharat Tools, Miranda Tools, YG1 and Indian Tools, to name a few. Just hop on to see that the best cutting tools are just a few clicks away from you.


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